Adams Pest Control
“I have used the AEGIS® RPs for years now and what I really like about them is that they are durable and very easy to open. It saves me heaps of time when I have to check, clean and reload hundreds of stations” Newsletter n°8


Adams Pest Control
“The AEGIS® cables stick on any clean surfaces such as steel walls, concrete, bricks, wood, etc. It’s very convenient because the technicians can place the stations everywhere they need them to be.”  “Some customers request that we clean the stations. Now it is easier because we can lift them with a minimum of fuss.”
Newsletter n°4


Scientific Pest Management
“I have used Generation®   Blocks   for more than a year now. When it first arrived in Australia, I was interested in trying a new formulation with a single feed anticoagulant.” “Since then, I have had no ongoing issues with control of rodents. Palatability appears to be very good and the baits are well accepted by all three rodent species [Roof rats, Norway rats & House mouse]. Roof rats are always the most challenging of the three and can be hard to control at times. But,” he added, “as long as other food sources are removed, control is usually achieved in a timely manner.”
very competitive which makes it a product of choice for any rodent control program,” Newsletter n°6


Maki Block Wrapped User
"Maki® Wrapped will help any pest controllers increase the efficacy of their rodent-control programmes as well as reduce their total usage of bait”


Commercial Pest Control, Charles Said-Vassalo
 "Maki® Wrapped in my opinion has served a greater need for  controlling the pest it is aimed at,  that is rodents.  After a  period of time, other pests tend to not hibernate in baitbox as   the product is well sealed against attack. We tested it in  two locations with the same result and a SUCCESSFULL result. Rodents will attack the bait as efficiently with a plastic wrap and the bait tends to LAST A LOT LONGER if not attacked. From a cost analysis perspective for  the pestcontroller, replacing bait regularly due to other pests cost money but in this regard we find other pests go away and we get hits from the intended target only." Newsletter n°3  


Cureall Pest Control, Damien Bishop
  “it produces great results which gives our customers confidence in the treatment we’ve done.”
“I usually use Actellic® as an external barrier in a first line of defence. If there is a major problem inside with ants, I run the product around doors, window frames, or any other entry points to keep them out of the premises,” “What I really like about Actellic is its long term residual activity plus vapour action on pests such as spiders. The vapour seems to disturb pests and drive them to the surface where they come into contact with the treated area, and as a result are eradicated.” “The three way action of Contact, Ingestion and Vapour add up to a product that delivers punchy results that consumers see, but also deliver on longevity of control that turns customers into life long clients,”


Ecolab, David Lilly (Technical Support Manager)
With Generation® FirstStrike™ rodents started to feed early with a peak observed on the third weekly visit. It was immediately followed by a drop in activity. Our customer was very impressed with the swift results and has asked us to use Generation® FirstStrike™ on all their sites. Dealing with cereals they are always confronted with high rodents’ pressure and as a service provider it is important to us to get rodent infestations under control rapidly when they arise. Generation® FirstStrike™ has certainly helped us to do that and our customer acknowledged it as well.


Allpest, Matt Henry (Commercial Sales Manager)
After the first visit it was clear, rodents accepted Generation® FirstStrike™ straight up. We saw an overall increase in feeding compared to previous visits with a big incline to the new soft bait.
Generation® FirstStrike™ has proven to be very effective in this challenging environment and helped to regain a satisfying level of control.

Hogan Pest Management, Damian Hogan
The soft baits (Generation® FirstStrike™) have been working well & will continue to use them over winter

Don Rayner Pest Control, Don Rayner
I am using Generation® FirstStrike™ on a couple of accounts recently. Initially I have found it to be compact, easy to handle and suitable for sensitive areas/customers...

Blitz'em Pest Control, Richard Kirkwood
I am loving Generation® FirstStrike™ it has been working very well.
For example; I treated a restaurant with a red brodifacoum block for 1 month in pursuit of a rat, he did not take the bait. So the owner called me to tell me it was still running around so I tried a combination of the red brodifacoum block, Generation® FirstStrike™ & snap traps to catch it. Within 7 days they found the rat near dead. It was Generation® FirstStrike™ that did the job.

Secondly I treated a house with the Generation® FirstStrike™ for a rat problem, they were so impressed I just got another 4 clients of the surrounding nieghbours when I go back in a weeks time for a top-up.