"Allpest have been servicing this site for a long period of time and they have always had rodents. This specific facility provides feedstock storage for farm animals and associated produce. There has always been rodent activity on site as it provides the perfect environment for rodents to thrive. Allpest have utilised a cross section of varying rodenticides on site but the up-take of bait was not as dramatic as we would have liked due to the abundance of food competition.

When Liphatech presented us with their new soft bait we trialed it on this site against our current brodifacoum /bromadiolone bait blocks. We put Generation® FirstStrikeTM next to our current bait to gauge the palatability. After the first visit it was clear, rodents accepted Generation® FirstStrike™ straight up. We saw an overall increase in feeding compared to previous visits with a big incline to the new soft bait.

Generation® FirstStrike™ has proven to be very effective in this challenging environment and helped to regain a satisfying level of control."

Matt Henry (Allpest, Commercial Sales Manager)