• Scattered brown droppings, shaped like a grain of rice, from 3 to 6 mm long.
  • Damage to paper, packaging and fabric.
  • Gnawing on stored food, wires, etc.


  • Fast, agile, climb very well and get in everywhere.
  • Make nests.


  • Very curious and inquisitive.


Unlike rats, mice tend to feed in small quantities, in several places, at different times.
We recommend using several bait stations and placing the following doses in infested areas (close to indicators of presence):
- Generation® or Maki® Blocks: 1 to 2 blocks approximately every 3 to 7 m*
- Generation® Pre-baited stations: 1 every 3 to 7m*

*depending on the level of infestation

Weight: 12 to 22 g.
Length of head + body (excluding tail): 6 to 10 cm.
The tail is usually longer than the head and body.
Rather pointed ears, quite big.




5 to 10 litters per year,
4 to 8 young per litter
They are more often found inside buildings in dry places.

Feeding habits: 
omnivorous but with a clear preference for cereals.